Pyle Home PTCDS7UIW Retro Vintage Turntable with CD/MP3/Casette/Radio/USB/SD Aux-In and Vinyl-to-MP3 Encoding Review

Pyle Home PTCDS7UIW Retro Classic Turntable with CD/MP3/Casette/Radio/USB/SD Aux-In as well as Vinyl-to-MP3 Encoding Review

  • Three Speed (33/45/78 Revoltions per minute) Turntable – Changes Vinyl, Cassette Direct in order to USB/SD Card – Circular Volume Control — Dimensions: 15.98” (W) x 13.62” (Deb) x 8.66” (H)
  • Plays CDs as well as MP3s from USB/SD — 3.5mm Auxiliary Input Jack port – Remote Control with regard to CD
  • AM/FM Radio (FM 88 — 108 MHz, ‘m 540 – 1600 kHz) — iPod Player — 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Cassette Playback Along with Single Key Style – Extra Largemouth bass Control System — LCD Display With Blue Backlight
  • USB/SD Greeting card Slots – Perform MP3s or Scribe Vinyl to Audio – Dial Size With Illumination — Power Source: AC 110 Or 220 V

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