Motor Turntable – 25 lb Capacity 12" Top Review

Motor Turntable – 25 pound Capacity 12" Top Item Review

  • Designed to rotate show products up to 25 lbs
  • Supplied including a line cord as well as plug
  • Rotation: approximately 3 revolutions for each minute
  • Platform: 12″, Base diameter: 6 1/4″, Peak: 4 1/8″


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Trumpeter Battery Operated Round Shown Display Turntable with regard to Model Kits specifications Review

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Black Velvet Top Motorized Rotating Display Turntable Ideal for Jewelry Hobby Collectible Product
One revolving speed. Black velvet leading. 7.87 inch (20cm size). Brand new and never used


Please mentioned that the item is distributed from HONG KONG

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