Little Bear Tube valve Phono Turntable RIAA MM Preamp preamplifier amplifier Review

Little Bear Tube control device Phono Turntable RIAA MM Preamp preamplifier amp Review

  • for MM (Moving-MaganeticCartridge) turntable just.not support Master of ceremonies truntable
  • Weight:1.65KG, Size:256*190*70mm(10.07*7.48*2.75inch)
  • It’s a real valve phono preamplifier.sound comfortable and classics,clearer and ture seem restore.

People Who Purchased This Little Bear Pipe valve Phono Turntable RIAA Millimeters Preamp preamplifier amplifier Also Purchased and Reviews

YAQIN MS23B upgraded form of MS22B 12AX7B X2 Stereo Tube Phono Phase Review and product specifications

YAQIN MS23B upgraded version of MS22B 12AX7B X2 Stereo Tube Phono Stage
Tubes: 12AX7B x 2
Output Currents: 0.5V (400Hz input)
Output Ports: One group of precious metal plated RCA jacks
Enter Sensitivity: 85dB (A weight)
Distortions: ….

SainSmart Assembled 6N3 Hifi Buffer Sound Tube Headphone Amp Pre-amp Kit with Transformer item specs vs

SainSmart Assembled 6N3 Hifi Buffer Audio Tube Headphone Amplifier Pre-amp Kit with Transformer

This tube preamp is based on the actual famous Matisse circuit, a few modifications have
already been applied to expand the plethora of frequency, it sounds sleek and punchy. It’s
developed with 2 PCBs, the actual thickness of the reduce main circuit….

6J1 HiFi stereo system tube valve Preamp Preamplifier amp warm up the seem specs Review

6J1 HiFi stereo tube valve Preamp Preamplifier amplifier warm up the sound
Mini kit,dimension:L100*W70*H50(mm),it’s awesome.and also with comfortable sound output.

Put together finish PCB. each panel not yet. when you are getting need put it together by yourself, easy function. after you can utilizing it.
It’s a very cool is newest versi….

Bellari VP130 Mm Pipe Phono Preamplifier With Headphone Amp

Bellari VP130 Mm Tube Phono Preamplifier With Headphone Amplifier
The vp130 is a pipe phono preamp with a built in earphone amplifier for use along with moving magnetic capsule only…..

Music Hall PA1.2 MM/MC Phono Before Amp Review specs

Music Hall PA1.2 MM/MC Phono Pre Amp
The background music hall phono amp is an ideal solution for affixing a turntable in order to today’s audio gear. It is a low sound high quality phono pre amplifier that accepts each moving magnet as well as moving coil tubes. The beautifully completed extruded aluminum b….

Audio-Technica AT-PEQ3 | Phono Equalizer (Asia Import) Review and specifications

Audio-Technica AT-PEQ3 | Phono Equalizer (Japan Import)
Rated Input : 2.5mV (1kHz) | Ranked Output: 150mV (1kHz) | Maximum Permitted Input: 60mV | Equalizer Deviation: 20-20kHz, +/-0.5dB | SN Percentage: 80dB (JIS-A) | Input Impedance: 47kohms | Power: Electricity 15V, 300mA ( AC adapter , 100V supplied) | Demensions: They would….

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