Audio Technica: At618 Disc Stabilizer Review

Audio Technica: At618 Disc Stabilizer Reviews

  • Disk Stabilizer
  • Japan transfer: manual is in Japoneses only + 1 year Japan guarantee.

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SOLID Metal Chrome Finish Turn table Record Player Backing Clamp, Audiophile Grade specifications

SOLID BRASS Chrome Finish Turntable Record Player Stabilizer Clamp, Audiophile Grade
This solid brass, chromed complete Record Stabilizer is a fantastic way to improve your record’s seem by dampening your Gas for increased quality. It’s unthreaded insert style lets you use on any kind of turntable with a spindle that’s up to 1″ high over….

Music Hall MAT Decoupling Cork Turn table Platter Mat Review specifications

Music Hall MAT Decoupling Cork Turntable Platter Mat

Bren1 Record Secure Review and specs

Bren1 Record Clamp
The actual Bren1 Record clamp/stabilizer works by fat merging record in order to turntable platter. Created in USA. Precision CNC produced using 6061-T6 USA licensed aircraft grade light weight aluminum. Easily placed on any kind of turntable spindle. Allows settlement for all tonearm h….

Pro-Ject Sound – Record Puck — Heavy Record Backing specs

Pro-Ject Audio - Record Puck - Heavy Record Stabilizer
Pro-Ject’s Record Puck is really a heavyweight record secure that is compatible with just about any turntable that doesn’t possess a threaded spindle. It weighs approximately 1.7 pound and will help lower vibration as well as keeping your record in put on the platt….

Audio-Technica AT6284 | Disk Backing (Japan Import)

Audio-Technica AT6284 | Disk Stabilizer (Japan Import)
This strong brass, chromed finish Report Stabilizer is the perfect way to enhance your record’s sound through dampening your LP with regard to increased resolution. It is unthreaded insert design enables you to use on any turn table with a spindle that is as much as 1″ high above….

Pro-Ject: Plate Puck Record Clamp Review as well as specs

Pro-Ject: Platter Puck Record Clamp

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